Wherever you’re shooting. Whatever you’re lighting. Whenever you’re up against it. In-studio or on location, Anand Cine Service has the resources to deliver for you every time.

we go beyond just checking inventory off a list, we become a part of your total lighting and grip solution. We can join forces with you from the beginning, incorporating new technology and ideas from the first camera and lighting test on through production. No matter what your challenges, we’re there from start to finish.

Anand Cine Service. With headquarters in Chennai, is the largest full film equipment rental house in the India. Founded in 1985, Anand can supply more than 150 productions simultaneously on a single day, with offices in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kerala Mumbai and Chennai. We have a complete line of cameras, lenses, heads, lights, grip, cranes, dollies, sound, generators. All Arri Alexa camera series, All RED camera series and Cooke S4i and S5i Lenses, Aluras Zoom , Master Prime Lens Full Setup. HR Zoom, Canon Zoom, Ultra Prime Lens. Optimo zoom up to 900 As the largest studio based equipment company in India , part of The GEMINI Group, we strive to provide a worldwide reach, all inclusive film industry services, and creative vision and experience - Hyderabad to help film and event productions solve problems, save money. Edited

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